The Planet Clark Emerald House project and development team includes expert planners and designers, engineers, developers, and builders. All participants are visionaries devoted to and passionate about creating beautiful and cost-effective, sustainable structures for a healthy future.

Clark County Team Members

Peter DuBois

Clark County Department of Environmental Services
Sustainability Coordinator
(360) 397-6118 ext. 4961
Planet Clark Emerald House Project Developer

As a Clark County Sustainability Coordinator, Pete works tirelessly to move the mission of sustainability and environmental stewardship forward for Clark County. He spends much of his time educating the public about what sustainability means and how the community can achieve its goals. He takes the lead in establishing programs that improve county government’s energy conservation and efficiency.

Peter believes the environment is one of the dominant issues and challenges facing the world in the 21st century, as the growing needs of population press against the limits of the earth’s ecosystems and resources.

To make sustainable building and construction more feasible, Pete assisted the local builders through code assessment called the Sustainable Affordable Residential Development project. This effort resulted in the Clark County Sustainable Communities Pilot Project (SCPP) and serves to expedite the building process for local builders to build sustainable.

Mike Selig

Clark County Community Development Weatherization Program
Planet Clark Program Coordinator
(360) 397-2375, ext. 4540
Project Management & Living Habitat House Owner’s Manual Development

Mike was a journeyman carpenter for over twenty years, building custom houses, renovations and additions. In 2004 he joined Clark County Building Safety as a building inspector; he became a Lead Building Inspector in 2006. He was chosen in January 2009 to develop and run Energy Efficiency Services (EES) for Clark County Building Safety department. EES receives its funding from a Department of Energy ARRA grant.

Energy Efficiency Services worked to get the first residential Green Building code adopted in Clark County in May of 2010. Through a public/private partnership called Planet Clark, Mike and his team perform public outreach and education for energy efficiency and sustainable practices. EES conducts free residential heating duct tests, as well as energy efficiency and green building training for builders and HVAC contractors. Part of Mike’s mission is to create new jobs and revitalize the building industry.

Kevin Tyler

Clark County Department of Environmental Services
Environmental Permitting Coordinator
(360) 397-2121 ext. 4258
Plant Clark Emerald House Permit Coordinator

Kevin has a diversified and extensive background in natural resource management. He has 13 years of experience in the fields of forestry, wildlife biology, wetland biology, natural resource management and restoration.

Kevin currently manages the permitting program for county construction projects, working diligently to ensure environmental compliance. His applied knowledge of ecological principles demonstrates Clark County’s ‘Lead By Example’ policy to guarantee the protection of the environment, including clean water, wildlife habitats and natural, open spaces.

Kevin ensures that the county’s goals are being accomplished during the project development process and throughout all construction and maintenance activities as they relate to environmental laws and regulations.

Julie Christian

Clark County Department of Environmental Services
Senior Environmental Technician
(360) 397-2121 ext. 4918
Planet Clark Emerald House Landscape Designer

Julie has approximately 25 years of experience in horticulture, the last 15 years specifically working with Pacific Northwest native and regionally appropriate plant species. In addition to managing the county mitigation program and ensuring permit requirements are met annually for approximately 30 to 35 projects, Julie creates landscape designs for rain gardens, streets, and stormwater facilities.

Julie is currently creating the landscape plan for the PCEH house. The design, which utilizes native and regionally appropriate plant species, provides:

  • Stormwater control and water quality improvement,
  • Natural privacy screens,
  • A drought tolerant herb garden,
  • Fruit bearing trees and shrubs,
  • Hydrozoning or placement of plants with similar growing needs as a means to minimize water use.

When creating landscape designs, Julie identifies the microclimates within the site and chooses plants appropriate for the site conditions. Water quality is a very important issue to Julie and therefore she creates designs, which result in sustainable plant communities, require no fertilizers, pesticides, and once the plants are established, little to no maintenance.

Design & Certification

Timothy Buckley , AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Phone: 360.695.5454
PO Box 288, Vancouver WA 98666

Timothy Buckley is the principal and founder of Greenstone Architecture and a LEED Accredited Professional with the Building Design and Construction specialty Endorsement. He is an NCARB Certified Architect who is licensed in Washington and Oregon.

He is recognized as an expert in green building and known for his creativity and passionate focus on environmentally and fiscally responsible design. His clients also attest to his attentiveness, sensitivity, and enthusiasm.

Timothy’s role in the design and development of Planet Clark Emerald House was instrumental and critical to the mission for greener building in Clark County.

Chuck Dougherty
Principal, Synergy Design Group & Form Studio
Planet Clark Emerald House, Certification Liaison

Since 1984, Chuck has creatively designed and built custom homes and light commercial timber frame buildings nationwide. Specializing in green building, Chuck combines his expertise of construction budgeting and administration with innovative design and planning to achieve the highest customer satisfaction as demonstrated in Planet Clark Emerald House.

Chuck is devoted to helping people understand the larger financial and cultural impact of our built environment. As an advocate for green and sustainable education and construction, he believes that future-casting is an important tool to preparing us for how we will manage energy, population, water, transportation and jobs.

His designs utilize beautiful materials, shapes, fabrics and finishes, demonstrating that building sustainably is both stylish and cost-effictive. The result is a healthy environment in an inviting living space.

Kent Mitchell

Swiftsure Energy Services

Swiftsure Energy is a consulting firm with verification services to determine energy efficiency through Energy Star, the National Green Building Standard and HERS rating measurement system. Swiftsure is a trusted source to verify that the Planet Clark Emerald House is constructed in compliance with the NAHB guidelines for Emerald certification.

Partners Kent Mitchell & Garen Thatcher have 40+ years combined experience in construction. Their passion is providing good value to their customers through energy efficiency and green building. They enjoy helping customers achieve small or big projects to reduce utility costs and achieve high level green certified building.



Josh Townsley, Executive Director

Evergreen Habitat for Humanity
521 E. 33rd St. Vancouver, WA 98663

Since 1991, Evergreen Habitat for Humanity has worked to improve living conditions for low-income Clark County residents. The non-profit organization works in partnership with people in need from all walks of life to develop communities by building safe, affordable housing. Homes are sold at no profit with a zero percent interest rate mortgage after the partner families complete their sweat equity hours.

Evergreen Habitat for Humanity is excited to launch the Planet Clark Emerald Home in conjunction with Quail Homes, Clark County, and countless other partnering businesses and groups. As the project owner – Habitat for Humanity will provide over a thousand hours of volunteer labor, including sweat equity from the future homeowners.

Upon completion of the home, Habitat for Humanity will provide a zero-percent interest mortgage for the local, low-income family, as well as training in financial education.

Jon Girod, Green Building Expert
Direct: 360.907.5800
4501 NE Minnehaha, Suite 200
Vancouver, WA 98661

When Jon Girod positioned Quail Homes from being a well-established traditional homebuilder to taking a lead in building cost-effective, high-performance green homes; he set out to present – in black and white, the hard data – and exactly how and why high-performance green home building saves energy and water and creates healthier, more comfortable places to live.

As the first homebuilder to accomplish a certified LEED Platinum home in SW Washington, he has finessed detailing high performance building. Quail Homes builds this living example for elected officials and our Clark County families to see how we can better achieve healthier, more environmentally friendly places to live, work and play. It’s a model for the future.

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