Blower door test

Blower door testThank you to all who visited the Emerald House Hard Hat Tour on Friday, March 8. We had a fantastic turn out. Planet Clark staff were busy giving tours and answering questions. It was especially gratifying to say thanks to our partners that came by and to share the results of their contributions and hard work.

We were also very happy to spend time with high school students from the WSU Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math program (STEM). They asked our Green Building experts many detailed questions ranging from energy efficiency to sustainable communities.

We went out on a limb and held a live blower door test demonstration during the open house. The blower door is the big red contraption you see in the doorway. The large fan at the bottom de-pressurizes the house. It is attached to a very sophisticated computer that measures pressure and leakage rate of the house envelope.

We were a tiny bit nervous that a big hole was overlooked and our home would be leakier than it should be. As it turns out, the initial test placed it as one of the tightest houses in Clark County at 1.35 Air Changes per Hour (ACH) at 50 Pascals air pressure. One Pascal of air pressure is equal to the pressure of a single tissue placed on the back of your hand. After checking for small gaps, the crew brought the air leakage rate down to 1.14 ACH, very close to our goal of 1.0 ACH.

Thanks again to all who are a part of this very exciting and gratifying project.

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