Planet Clark Emerald House
A local example of a sustainable, affordable, high performance single family residence

Some of the benefits of this green building project include:

Community Benefits
  • Improvement of vacant county-owned land, where a dilapidated structure will be deconstructed
  • Reduction of air and water pollution through innovative landscaping, rainwater harvesting and stormwater management
  • Increased use of local and regional purchasing for construction materials
  • Team building through design process and volunteer efforts
Economic Benefits
  • Addition to affordable housing stock
  • Lower home operating costs due to energy efficiency, water conservation and use of durable materials requiring less maintenance
  • Increased property value added to tax base
  • Creation of new business opportunities for contractors and sub-contractors interested in innovative building design and home performance auditing and verification
Environmental Benefits
  • Protection of local area wetland and other natural features on-site
  • Erosion control due to on-site infiltration system and compostable soil amendment
  • Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to 60% less energy use compared to comparable house
  • Reduced draw on local water supply (70% less than comparable house) due to water conservation measures
Social Benefits
  • Healthy indoor air quality due to low-VOC paints, finishes, adhesives, cabinetry and trim; non-ducted HVAC system; no fireplace, woodstove or garage
  • Access within one-half mile to mass transit and community amenities
  • Enhanced quality of life from fresh fruit (trees) and berries
  • Universal Access Design for aging in place and ease of mobility through the rooms